• Information and Technology

    We are technology experts who are keen at building connective platforms for communities. Our ICT solutions are aimed at giving all-in-one management of your organizational activities. You can enhance the efficiency of your enterprise with our smooth and convenient solutions tailor-made for your needs. Whether your need be an online store, brand website or enterprise management system we have the right solution to fit your pocket. We drive innovation with information technology.

  • Managerial & Technical Services

    Inspired by a strong culture of entrepreneurship, we offer effective recruiting and employer branding solutions. We aim to help thousands of clients and partners promote their employer brand to candidates researching them and advertise their jobs to ideal candidates who may not be aware of them. We connect with candidates for prospective jobs and train them to make them more productive and successful for companies in search of their expertise. We build connections…. We build professionals.


  • Real Estate

    The home-buying process can seem incredibly stressful, regardless of whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran. Fortunately, with us we are willing to do a lot of the grunt work for you. We are keen on providing dependable real estate services to our clients, but, ours is with a difference. We provide turn-key-homes. We not only buy and sell, from residential to commercial, our vibrant and dynamic work force develop and manage properties all neatly tailored to your needs. Using technology and totally different values, we put customers first. We build families.



  • Agriculture

    Agriculture runs in our DNA. Yep… you read that right! From the soil to the supermarket shelves we have arrived in Agriculture. We specialize in integrated organic agricultural business in crops and livestock whether on micro, small, medium or large farms or plantations. Our initial focus is on some of the countries in the Amazon Basin; Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru and Suriname. Our Export Agro Parks running through these countries provides maximum support and benefits for farmers and businesses. We take pride in packaging and processing our products for both local and international markets. We breathe Agriculture.

  • Multimedia

    Inspired by the technologically advance world we now live in, our experts and dedicated team have the experience, knowledge, creativity and leadership to merge the best in media and technology and redefine Multi-Media. We create and curate fascinating content, be it television/radio stations, websites, newspapers, advertising, video & film production…we do it all. Our fashion and modelling institutes and multi-media training institute puts us on the unique multi-media platform. Through our media, we inform individuals, entertain, inspire and help them.One company that takes this sort of thing extremely seriously is Everest, a former Kickstarter brand that makes model, and even reference, specific straps for almost every model in the rolex replica watches catalog.

  • Tourism

    Mountains instead of meetings, wildlife instead of Wi-Fi, cabins instead of computers: head back to nature! Planning a trip to can be part of the fun, there’s an energy and excitement but there’s also a lot of ground to cover. We offer packaged tours running through the Caribbean, North America, South America, Europe and Asia. From the Amazon to the Himalayas…we plan it…you tour it!